Sonali de Saram, Real Estate Broker

Sonali de Saram
Sonali de Saram

“My religion is Kindness” as the Dalai Lama stated. I simply live each day with Kindness. I am passionate about making the lives of those I meet easier and better in some way. I ask a lot of questions about what you want and listen. I then use my strengths in the knowledge of real estate, finance and business to help you achieve your goals and wants.

I’ve studied self-development of the individual, environmental and architectural design, electrical engineering, computers, business, finance and of course, real estate —all of it combined to make me a well-rounded real estate broker at your service.

If you’d like to chat, call me anytime, 541-708-1530.


Sonali de Saram

Real Estate Broker
California and Southern Oregon

Licensed as a Broker in California 1987

I have accumulated a lot of answers over the years. However, they do keep changing the questions…..I’m up for the challenge!

Licensed as a Broker in Oregon April 2015

Focused on Southern Oregon and Northern California but available for all regions.
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